Remington Portable #3

Remington portable typewriters went through multiple early modifications before the Number 3 displayed below. The early version had a slide mechanism that raised and lowered type bars before use. The Number 3 has type bar that are at rest until used.

The Remington #3 has a good variety of features including a tab set system, a locking carriage for transport and a ribbon reverse. It is also has a bichrome selector enabling typing in two colors.

This Remington was serviced by MC&T Electronics in Tucker, Ga.

Resource: “They were produced in bewildering variety, with a wide range of names and minor variations. (Remington’s strategy for surviving the Depression seems to have been to flood the market with every conceivable variant of its two basic portable designs.),” according to Dr. Richard Polt’s Classic Typewriter Page.

Featured is a 1929 Remington Portable Number 3 in action. It has a front stroke typing action. These machines are highly popular among collectors and enthusiasts.
A text sample from Rousseau’s Discourse on Inequality (1755).

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